Step 2. Prioritize

In this second step, your company will use the information from Step 1 on all parts of the value chain and pressures identified as material to determine which science-based targets to set, which locations and economic activities to include within their target boundaries, and where to act first in order to effectively mitigate the most significant negative impacts on nature and increase the potential for positive impacts. 

Step 2a: Determine target boundaries

Define where your company must eventually set science-based targets, as well as implementation
and monitoring efforts

Step 2b: Interpreting and rank

Rank locations within the target boundary to reflect company pressures and the needs of nature and biodiversity

Step 2c: Prioritize

Employ cut offs for the location ranking to determine the first round of target setting, consistent with Step 3 requirements

Step 2d: Evaluate feasibility and strategic interest

Complement the earlier environmental impact prioritization by including additional societal and human rights considerations as well as feasibility and financial materiality

Technical guidance materials: