Step 3a

Select hydrological model

Step 3athe hydrological model selection, consists of a consultation process with stakeholders resulting in the identification of an appropriate hydrological model, local or global, to use to set targets in the basin. The consultation is facilitated by a decision tree that helps you focus the more resource-intensive parts of the consultation on the higher-priority basins and provides recommendations of what to do when local models are not immediately found.

Step 3a is divided into five tasks

What can you do if you cannot set science-based targets in this basin?

Once you present the records of your consultation process, you may consider this basin to be temporarily outside the water (quantity or quality) target boundary. This means you will not need to set targets in this basin to complete your target boundary coverage and will not be able to make the associated claims.

You may wish to fund or contribute to the development of a local model and/or threshold for your basin. Consider this option if this is an important basin for your company.

Alternatively, SBTN recommends that you reach out to external initiatives, such as Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) or the context-based water targets (CBWT) initiative, to set targets or other relevant measures using their frameworks and tools. Note that any work you do with these organizations will remain outside SBTN methods, and will not be subject to validation and will not allow you to make any SBTN-related claims.

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