Step 3d

Freshwater target setting

Step 3d, the freshwater target setting, is the step in which you define your company’s targets. You do this by applying the basin-wide required reductions to your own baseline pressures for the basin.

Step 3d is completed in one task

  • Task 10 - Set company water quantity and quality targets

    Finally, you calculate the share of the basin-wide reductions that your company will bear. This is called allocation, and while there are different approaches to it, the first release of the SBTN methods uses only the equal contraction of efforts approach.

    With this approach, you assume that you and every other stakeholder withdrawing water or loading nutrient pollutants in the basin will reduce their pressures by the same percentage.

    To calculate your company’s targets, multiply your aggregated baseline for the basin (from Task 7) by the basin-wide required reduction percentage (from Task 9).

    Company target = Baseline pressure × Required basinwide reduction

    Your target date, i.e., the moment when you must achieve your reduction, must be five years in cases where the reduction is 25% or less. For more ambitious reductions or in cases where companies wish to align their targets with global societal or policy goals, local or regional policy goals, or critical actions agreed upon with local stakeholders, companies can set up to a ten-year target date.

    Take note: As indicated before, you may have up to four different baselines (see Task 7). This means that you may have to do this calculation up to four separate times.

    Output(s) of this task:

    • Company’s freshwater target(s).

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