Credible action for nature through science-based targets.

Setting targets through the Science Based Targets Network means your company or city can be confident of doing enough to help halt and reverse nature loss and harness the opportunities this presents.

Amidst a proliferation of sustainability initiatives, our current focus is to provide streamlined, prescriptive resources for corporate target-setting on environmental impacts that instills confidence and increases efficiency for companies.

For this reason, we have created a target-setting process that aligns with and builds on the most widely-used standards, frameworks, tools and data for impact assessment and reporting to increase efficiency for companies.

Why choose SBTN?


We are backed by civil society as a credible approach. Targets set using SBTN’s methods are rooted in the best available science defining what is necessary for business and cities to do their part to stay within Earth’s limits and account for people’s needs.


Our framework has been developed in alignment with and/or collaboration with other sustainability initiatives such as Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and European Union reporting standards including CSRD.


Our approach for companies begins with comprehensively assessing impacts on nature – across freshwater, land, ocean, biodiversity and climate, and across the value chain, with an initial focus on upstream where majority of corporate impacts are.


We provide a clear set of steps, including taking the guesswork out of estimating impacts and prioritizes where to take action.


We road-test the methods with users from different sectors and geographies to ensure they are as impactful, cost-effective, and as easy to implement as possible.

Common frame

The SBTi is setting the standard for companies to take credible action on climate change. We are building on that base to deliver a common framework for nature—providing a standardized way to get to the right-sized target based on the company or city’s impacts that can be measured.

Location based

Nature is local so targets should be too. This ensures companies implement targets in the place where a company’s impacts occur reflecting the needs of nature and people in those locations.