How to get started

To help get your company ready to set science-based targets for nature, below we have provided onboarding support and resources, with more coming soon. 

Just start - it doesn’t have to be perfect. A good way to start with SBTN is to do the assessment.

SBTN 2024 pilot company

Corporate manual: your entry-point

Eagerly anticipated by companies, we have distilled hundreds of pages of our technical guidance into a one-stop resource for corporate sustainability experts and nature leads to prepare to set science-based targets for nature. The majority of the content has also been integrated into this website.

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Understand your company’s environmental impact

Step 1a of the target-setting process is a quick and high-level process where you can identify the impact your company’s activities have on nature. This step is less resource-intensive and a great place to start.

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Top tips for setting science-based targets for nature

Read our top-level recommendations drawing from the experiences of companies who have been pioneering our methods through various SBTN and partner-led pilots to date.

Join our Corporate Engagement Program

By joining our Corporate Engagement Program you can draw on the experience of other companies signed up to the program, as well as the experts at SBTN. So far, more than 120 companies from over 30 countries have signed up. The benefits of being a member include:

  • Participate in the feedback process and development of user-friendly, cost effective methods and tools.
  • Gain insights from other companies also taking action on nature.
  • Get informed by experts at SBTN and access cutting-edge science and approaches to science-based targets for nature.
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Get help from an expert advisor

We have an extensive directory of external advisors that can help guide you through the target-setting process, should you need additional, expert support. Many of the advisors in our directory supported companies during our pilot program, and have therefore an in-depth knowledge of the target-setting process.

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