Cross-step guidance

Stakeholder engagement guidance

In recognition of the importance of stakeholder engagement, particularly for communities and stakeholders affected by company actions, companies are strongly recommended to follow SBTN’s Stakeholder Engagement Guidance when applying methods for setting science-based targets for nature.

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Biodiversity across all steps

Biodiversity is a core component of nature, along with the abiotic elements (such as the water in freshwater and marine systems, the soil, and the atmosphere). It can be viewed through multiple lenses, each intricately dependent on the others: genes, species, ecosystems, and nature’s contributions to people.

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Frequently asked questions

Here we provide answers to common technical questions that companies have as they are going through the target-setting process.

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Corporate Manual

Eagerly anticipated by companies, we have distilled hundreds of pages of our technical guidance into a one-stop resource for corporate sustainability experts and nature leads to prepare to set science-based targets for nature. The majority of the content has also been integrated into this target-setting interface on our website.

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