Step 3

Measure, Set, & Disclose Ocean targets

SBTN is currently developing Step 3 methods to set targets for ocean realm pressures. The first version of the targets will focus on the seafood sector, with plans to expand to pressures in the ocean realm from other key industries such as maritime transport, coastal and marine tourism, marine offshore renewables, and coastal development. SBTN will focus on ocean guidance for companies throughout the whole value chain, specifically including retailers and wholesalers, and will develop guidance for companies to both reduce their impacts and also engage in meaningful improvement initiatives.

In 2025, SBTN will release Step 3 Ocean (V1.0) containing an initial suite of three targets:

  • The Avoid and Reduce Overexploitation target covers wild fisheries, helping companies avoid reliance on commodities derived from overexploited stocks and engage in seascapes and jurisdictions to improve fishery conditions and reduce overfishing.
  • The Protect Marine Ecosystems target covers wild fisheries and aquaculture, helping companies avoid and reduce impacts on structural habitats in marine and transitional environments.
  • The Protect ETP Species from Fishing Impacts target covers wild fisheries to address impacts to endangered, threatened, and protected (ETP) marine wildlife from wild capture fishing. It will likely form a foundation for future target guidance addressing impacts on all marine wildlife from a broader range of ocean industries.

The Step 3 Ocean methods will be built on the existing guidance for Steps 1 and 2, other SBTN resources, external standards, certifications, and corporate ambitions. They will be accompanied by clear guidance for companies on operations that may cross other SBTN realms, such as coastal and estuarine environments. These targets will also cover some Freshwater realm pressures relevant to seafood and, as with the other methodologies, will address direct operations and upstream value chains.

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