Get Ready

Get ready to set science-based targets for nature

Setting science-based targets for nature represents a significant business opportunity and one that holds the potential for enormous positive impact. It is an ambitious and comprehensive endeavor that requires the gathering of value chain data, processes to engage the value chain and business operations and leadership buy-in. However, by embarking upon this journey, your organization will position itself at the forefront of sustainable practices, ensuring long-term resilience for your business, people and planet.

To help get your company ready to set science-based targets for nature, we provide onboarding support and resources. 

Kicking off the process

  • Start to understand your organization’s environmental impacts with our sector-level materiality screening (part of Step 1 guidance)
  • Assess the data requirements (spreadsheet) your organization will need
  • Understand the key concepts underpinning science-based targets for nature through our Initial Guidance for Business, published in 2020

Getting support

Mobilizing internal buy-in

  • Read and share this interactive overview of SBTN and SBTs for nature
  • Show how it works with these initial corporate insights from road-testing the initial guidance

More resources will be made available in 2023 including a Corporate Manual; a how-to guide to translate the technical methods into business-friendly language and a Data Readiness Guide to help prepare the data required to complete Step 1: Assess.