Science Based Targets for Companies

What you can do now

Nature science-based targets help companies become more resilient and play their part in building a nature positive future


Companies depend heavily on functioning Earth systems and drive a large share of current impacts on them. 

Business can already set climate science-based targets. Find out more.

We are now expanding science-based targets beyond climate and developing nature science-based targets based on an understanding of the nature-related risks facing business.  Find out why your company should set nature science-based targets.

Gather data

Use our tools and approaches to assessing where you impact and depend most on nature.

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your impacts and dependencies on nature and disclose them.

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Set targets

for climate and interim targets for land use, freshwater use, and ecosystem integrity.

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to an ambitious, high-level goal for nature at your company.


for nature-friendly policy through Business for Nature.

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Help design methods and tools for nature science-based targets to ensure they are impactful, user-friendly and cost-effective.

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