Our mission

The Science Based Targets Network aims to transform economic systems and protect the global commons – our air, water, land, biodiversity and ocean.

We bring together experts from more than 60 NGOs, business associations and consultancies to collectively define what is necessary to do “enough” to stay within Earth’s limits and meet society’s needs.

Our work builds on the momentum of the Science Based Targets initiative. It responds to the demand for more methods, guidance and tools to set science-based targets for the whole Earth system. The organizations that make up the Science Based Targets initiative are among our core founding partners.


Our vision

A global economy in which companies and cities operate within environmental boundaries on a socially equitable basis through the setting of science-based targets (SBTs) to transform their impact.


Our mission

  1. Develop methods for cities and companies to set integrated targets across all Earth systems.
  2. Build on the progress of establishing science-based targets for climate to achieve widespread adoption of science-based targets on water, land, biodiversity and ocean.
  3. Demonstrate significant progress in line with key global policy milestones like the SDGs, and goals and targets under the UNFCCC, UNCCD, CBD, by developing an indicator framework that tracks how SBT setters deliver progress.
  4. Work to embed adoption of science-based targets within capital markets by partnering with policy makers, financial institutions and service providers such as benchmarkers and credit agencies.