We enable companies and cities to play a vital role in creating an equitable, nature positive, net-zero future using science-based targets

Nature is our life source and the origin of every raw material required to produce the products and services we depend upon. Companies and cities can most effectively stabilize all Earth’s systems – nature and climate – when they know how to take the right actions in the right places. Science-based targets for nature and climate provide them with this guidance.

When businesses and cities incorporate science-based targets to tackle both nature loss and climate change into their strategies they create immense opportunities and become more resilient. There is no time to lose. We invite companies and cities to start their journeys now towards achieving nature and climate science-based targets and help build a future where they are operating within Earth’s limits while meeting customers’ and citizens’ needs.

Why take action?

Science-based targets give companies and cities a clear pathway to competitiveness and resilience by using science to define their role in protecting and restoring nature. Reversing nature loss in line with science will create a future of resilient businesses, healthy cities and sustainable economies. It is also essential if we are to achieve our global climate targets to halve emissions by 2030.

Why set SBTs?

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