Empowering companies and cities for credible nature action

Our main 2024 release is here! Our suite of new enabling materials and updated technical guidance is now available, informed by insights from our trail-blazing target-setting companies. Explore our target-setting guide, also available offline through our corporate manual.

Nature is the backbone of human well-being and the foundation for all economic activity. The intricate connection between nature and climate calls for unified, collective action to stabilize the climate, preserve freshwater resources, regenerate land, secure a healthy ocean, and protect biodiversity.

Science-based targets for nature, endorsed by civil society, provide a credible and prescriptive approach to achieve these goals. Targets set using the Science Based Targets Network’s methods are grounded in the best available science, outlining what businesses and cities must do to stay within Earth’s limits while addressing human needs.

There is no time to lose. We invite companies and cities to adopt a holistic approach to the climate and nature crises and take action through science-based targets for nature. This will unlock immense opportunities and enhance resilience for companies and cities, benefiting the environment and society as a whole.


Setting targets through the Science Based Targets Network means your company or city can be confident of doing enough to help halt and reverse nature loss and harness the opportunities this presents.

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