We enable companies and cities to operate within the limits of Earth's systems by setting science-based targets

The challenge

Our well-being and survival depend on a healthy planet. It is therefore essential we live within the limits of Earth’s systems  – the global commons we all share – if humans and nature are to thrive.

Companies are already reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by setting science-based targets for the climate. We must adhere to the limits of all Earth’s systems as set out by science. SBTN translates science into guidance for companies and cities so they can set science-based targets to ensure we remain within all Earth’s limits while meeting society’s needs. This will help them go from doing “a little better” to doing “at least enough” to stay within these limits. 

We need to transform the way we use natural resources alongside decarbonizing our economy. By setting science-based targets for all Earth’s systems, companies and cities can future-proof how they work and help reduce the risks that nature loss and climate change present.



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