Why set SBTs?

Setting science-based targets to stop nature loss and cut emissions will create resilient businesses, healthy cities and sustainable economies

Impacts of business activities are the primary drivers of nature loss and climate change. And as home to 55% of the global population, cities have a vital role to play in meeting global targets to tackle nature loss and climate change. 

Setting targets through the Science Based Targets Network means your company or city can be confident of doing enough to help restore balance to the global commons and harness the opportunities this presents.

Interplay with global frameworks

We have intentionally designed our approach to build on and align to what companies are already doing as part of their sustainability strategy. We therefore collaborate with, and align to, related frameworks including mandatory reporting requirements such as EU’s CSRD and voluntary disclosure recommendations through the TNFD; ultimately increasing efficiencies for companies.

Companies can set climate science-based targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which is a separate process. Learn more at ScienceBasedTargets.org.

Pilot insights

In 2023, pioneering companies representing sectors and supply chains significantly impacting nature embarked upon a unique journey to pilot the first-ever science-based targets for nature.