What you can do now

Enabling companies to take science-based action is at the heart of Science Based Target Network’s mission.

When companies can set science-based targets for nature beginning in 2023, they will be able to measure their contribution to a nature-positive economy. Right now, we encourage companies to start following SBTN’s guidance, which provides a framework and tools for companies to understand where and how to focus efforts so both nature and business can thrive.

For information on setting climate science-based targets for companies, visit Science Based Targets Initiative.

Specifically, there are several immediate actions your business can take – what we call ‘No Regrets Actions’ which sets your company on the right path towards science-based targets for nature. These include:


Understand your impacts and dependencies on nature

Using SBTN’s guidance on approaches and tools, undertake a ‘root and branch’ audit of your business that will enable you to identify and learn about your company’s most material impacts and dependencies on nature – and where they occur in your operations and across your value chain.

Follow our guidance


Measure and set targets

Measure those impacts and dependencies on nature with proposed indicators and disclose them for transparency.

Set interim targets for land use, freshwater use, and ecosystem integrity. Set science-based targets for climate with SBTi. Setting interim targets will ensure your company is on the right path and will count towards science-based targets for nature when available, beginning in 2023.

Set Interim Targets


Lead the way

We welcome any business to join the SBTN Corporate Engagement Program. This will put you at the forefront of ambitious corporate action on nature, and give you the opportunity to help shape the final methods and tools. It will also give your company the chance to be part of a network of forward-thinking companies, to share experiences with and learn from, as well as get the latest advice from our technical experts.

Join our Corporate Engagement…
“We are calling for an agreement on nature similar to the Paris agreement on climate change to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030. SBTs for nature will play a key role in making this a reality.” Roberto Marques
Group CEO, Natura & Co