Global Commons Alliance

The Science Based Targets Network is a key component of the Global Commons Alliance, a network of organizations working together to positively transform the world’s economic systems and protect the global commons.

The Global Commons Alliance is an unprecedented partnership of more than 50 of the world’s most forward-looking organisations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy. 

Its goal is to create the most powerful network to scale science-based action to protect people and planet.


Scientific rigour

As part of the Alliance, we will be working with the scientists at the Earth Commission and drawing on the scientific expertise of the organizations in our Network. Together, we are developing measurable, actionable and time-bound methodologies to support companies setting targets that are aligned with Earth’s limits and societal sustainability goals.

Convened by Future Earth, the Earth Commission – which includes key authors of the IPCC and IPBES – is assessing the latest science and defining a safe and just operating space for humanity and nature. This work will improve upon the Planetary Boundaries, by mapping out the interconnections between different systems or boundaries, and adding a focus on equity and improvements in the quality of life for the most vulnerable people.

The Earth Commission will  help guide our understanding of biophysical and social thresholds relevant to target setting, and interconnections between targets and response options.


Systemic shift

Also through the Global Commons Alliance we will collaborate with Earth HQ, an international strategic communications platform to protect and restore the global commons. And the Systems Change Lab, which will monitor the progress of transformations around the world, distill our rapidly evolving understanding of what constitutes and promotes systemic change, identify critical gaps, and mobilize support for coalitions as they push towards tipping points.

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