Why Science Based Targets Network?

Setting targets through the Science Based Targets Network means your company or city can be confident of doing enough to help restore balance to the global commons and harness the opportunities this presents.


Our methods and targets are being built on existing sustainability tools, approaches, and platforms. 


We will be road-testing our methods with users to ensure they are as impactful, cost-effective and easy to implement as possible. Join our Corporate Engagement Program if you are interested in this. 


We work with experts from the world’s leading environmental NGOs, governmental organizations, purpose-driven consultancies, ambitious businesses, and society-minded business coalitions. Our work is grounded in the best available science defining what is necessary for business and cities to do their part to stay within Earth’s limits.


While the science will continue to evolve, our framework is being designed for long-term use. 


Our approach enables users to confidently address their most urgent impacts and dependencies.


Our approach aims to help users clearly define where they are on their target-setting journey. Companies can say “I am at Step 1: Assess” or “I am on Step 4: Act and Step 5: Track.” SBTN’s methods are aligned with global frameworks for action.


Our targets are being designed to enable users to take action on multiple issues at once and not create new problems. This will help resolve interrelated climate and nature risks.