Science Based Targets for Companies

For companies

Why and how to set science-based targets for companies

Why your company should set science-based targets

Companies have a critical role to play in delivering the zero-carbon, nature-positive economy. They depend heavily on functioning Earth systems and drive a large share of current impacts on them. 

Climate science-based targets are available for companies to set through the Science Based Targets initiative.

There are many benefits for companies to setting SBTs. These include:

Value creation

Long-term business viability due to more sustainable use of resources.


New products, technologies, services, business models, markets and revenue streams.


The work of the SBTN is anchored in what science tells us is necessary to do “enough” to stay within the limits of Earth’s systems. By setting targets through the SBTN, you can be confident of doing enough, informed by a broad NGO and the scientific community.

Clear Action

Science-based targets for nature build on existing sustainability tools to increase efficiencies and create solutions that are win-wins across Earth systems.