Science Based Targets for Companies


Why and how to set science-based targets for companies

Why your company should set science-based targets for nature

Companies have a critical role to play in delivering the zero-carbon, nature-positive economy. They depend heavily on functioning Earth systems and drive a large share of current impacts on them. 

Climate science-based targets are available for companies to set through the Science Based Targets initiative and you can find out more about why companies should consider setting science-based targets for nature here.

SBTs for nature are built on an understanding of the nature-related risks facing business. The greatest risk facing companies today is inaction. 



Take action today


Companies can either register their interest in finding out more about science-based targets or sign up to our Corporate Engagement Program.

Corporate Engagement Program


Formally engage with SBTN so that you can test our tools, methods, and guidance.


Share your experiences testing our guidance with us, through use cases we can publish on our website.

Gather data

Use recommended tools to gather data on your value chain impacts and dependencies, particularly spatial information, which is key for the hotspot assessment.


Collaborate with stakeholders within your value chain or the landscapes/seascapes where you operate in order to collect data.


Measure your impacts and dependencies on nature with proposed indicators, and disclose them.

Set SBTs

Set SBTs or ambitious targets where methods already exist, for example for climate, land use change, and water.


Integrate SBTN’s principles for target implementation into your operations to the extent possible.


Commit to an ambitious, high-level goal for nature at your company.


Support nature-friendly policy by committing to

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