Ocean corporate pilot underway


The SBTN Ocean Hub, led by WWF and Conservation International, has just launched a corporate pilot with four companies, Carrefour, Mars Petcare, Bolton Foods and Musholm A/S.

Over the next few months, this new initiative will see these companies piloting draft guidance for the first science-based targets covering seafood value chains. Outcomes will be shared at the end of the pilot.

Pressures on the Ocean’s health pose great risks to our economies, our societies and the environment. To halt and reverse the damage, companies that have widespread environmental footprints on marine ecosystems and fisheries have a key role to play.

By directly engaging industries such as the seafood sector in setting science-based targets for nature, SBTN provides these companies with an opportunity to reduce their pressures from ocean-related activities and implement sustainable practices with far-reaching environmental benefits. 

To learn more about the Ocean Hub’s work on sustainable seafood infrastructure, including the new draft guidance, watch the below recording of a webinar hosted by the Hub on February 20, 2024.

Future work for the Ocean Hub will expand into other sectors that exert key pressures on the ocean, such as habitat damage, pollution, endangered, threatened, protected and vulnerable species impacts.