22/04/2024 News Blog

April 2024 newsletter

Dear Colleague,

We are excited to share that SBTN’s Ocean Hub, led by WWF and Conservation International has just launched a corporate pilot with Carrefour, Mars Petcare, Bolton Foods and Musholm A/S. This initiative will see these companies piloting draft guidance for the first science-based targets covering seafood value chains over the next few months. 

In other news, we are currently looking for a Program Associate to plan, implement and manage programs and projects that support SBTN engagement, while monitoring and evaluating program performance for effectiveness and improvements. The application deadline is 5 May 2024; more details available here. Additionally we are also accepting proposals on an on-going basis for consultants to develop and implement an automated help desk and CRM system; more details available here.

Below we have compiled some recent nature-related reports and findings from around the network and beyond, highlighting key developments and insights relevant to our work:

Voluntary frameworks influencing sustainability regulation
new report from our partners highlights how companies in the food sector can better navigate voluntary frameworks and standards for climate and nature and their growing influence on sustainability regulation. The report, published by the Food and Land Use Coalition, WBCSD, and We Mean Business Coalition, reinforces that companies proactively setting and implementing ambitious climate and nature strategies today will be better equipped to handle future sustainability regulation, minimizing compliance risks and supply chain disruptions.

The ‘biocrastination’ needs to stop
Planet Tracker’s latest Nature Scorecard ranks 373 corporations based on their engagement in nature initiatives and frameworks, including the Science Based Targets Network. This comprehensive analysis highlights the corporate leaders in sustainability and urges companies to stop delaying in addressing nature-related issues. Authors write: “Companies can no longer claim they lack guidance on nature reporting. […] The ‘biocrastination’ needs to stop.” 

New guidance to help companies embark upon their nature positive journey
For companies unsure how to get started on contributing to halting and reversing nature loss, “Nature Positive Strategy: Practical Guidance for Corporates” is a helpful resource from one of our partners, Pollination. It offers straightforward advice and six foundational principles for developing nature positive strategies. It also includes case study examples from global companies who are already leading in this space. Read the full report here.

Wherever you are in your nature journey, it’s imperative to heed Planet Tracker’s warning and put an end to ‘bio-crastination’. Let us be remembered as the generation that had the courage to confront the ecological crisis head-on, and the wisdom to leave behind a better world for all.

Best wishes,

Erin Billman
Executive Director
Science Based Targets Network

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