Why set nature SBTs as a company?

Getting started now on setting nature science-based targets means your company can play its part in restoring balance to the global commons – the natural resources we all need. Doing so will help your company:

Grow investment

Investors are increasingly committed to integrating environmental, social and governance into their investment practices and ownership policies. Ratings agencies like Moody’s and Fitch now include nature-related disclosures in their assessments.

Reduce risk

Over half of global emissions are now from countries with net-zero emissions by 2050 targets. Regulation around nature protection is on the rise.


Companies with higher sustainability scores outperform their peers.

Attract talent

Organizations that focus on sustainability are better placed to attract and retain talent. 



Increased innovation amounts to billions of dollars worth of opportunities.


Strengthen your brand’s reputation by setting nature science-based targets.


Setting nature science-based targets provides the opportunity to collaborate and transform.

Take action now
“It is very important that the business community has common guidance and is benchmarked against scientific frameworks. At Kering we have a science-based target for our greenhouse gas emissions to measure our climate actions, and a science-based target for nature is equally important to drive companies to take action on nature.” Marie-Claire Daveu
CSO, Kering
“At Natura & Co we believe that companies have a major responsibility in creating a more sustainable world. We all depend on nature. For our products, we need to ensure nature is used in a sustainable way both for the good of our business as well as for the traditional communities from whom we source. We are working with the Science Based Targets Network to ensure that the actions we take now, lead us in the we are taking the right direction to protect and restore nature in line with remaining within Earth’s limits on a socially equitable basis.” Marcelo Behar
VP for Sustainability & Group Affairs, Natura & Co