ZeroMission is a company with strong values and over 15 years of experience in the market working with high-profile and diverse client companies. With the vision to help others reach net zero emissions, we offer companies and organizations the strategic advice and tools required to take responsibility for their emissions and contribute towards global climate targets.

We offer companies and organizations help with setting an effective climate strategy, working with climate calculations and climate compensation. We push for our customers to be able to quickly reduce their climate impact by measuring, setting climate targets, reducing emissions and sequestering (compensating) carbon dioxide. Since 2006, we have collaborated with several of Sweden’s forward-thinking companies. Our vision is to contribute to the benefit of the planet together with our customers and project partners.

Amidst the growing interest to measure and reduce the impacts on nature, ZeroMission is excited and ready to extend our expertise within the nature domain. We have experience performing value chain assessments using tools such as the WWF Risk Filters among others and supporting applications to set SBTs.