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The Biodiversity Consultancy (TBC) is a global provider of strategic, technical and policy services for biodiversity management in the private and public sectors.

We are experienced in helping companies to pilot SBTN guidance and can help companies understand how SBTN alignment fits with other frameworks (including CSRD and TNFD).

TBC has been at the leading edge of technical development in the business and biodiversity space since 2007. We have a strong science basis for all our offerings (list of scientific publications with TBC authorship: We have employees with leading knowledge about sectors and commodities relevant to SBTN.

Building on our expertise, we have developed in-house technical approaches to efficiently and rigorously assessing biodiversity impact, prioritizing sites and pressures, and setting targets. We are deeply experienced in pragmatically implementing this with companies from a wide range of sectors.

We can help you at all stages of the journey, whether it is getting started on your biodiversity journey, assessing biodiversity impacts, setting targets and strategies, and implementing change.