Why companies and cities need a clear path forward for sustainable water use

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Water is essential for all human life. Rising consumption, climate change and pollution are increasing pressure on water supply. Companies and cities need a clear way of minimizing their own impact on water as well as identifying opportunities to invest in collective solutions. 


Addressing how they impact and depend on water will enable companies and cities to specify how to help create sustainable water systems. Incorporating water into their science-based targets for nature will enable them to future-proof growth without depleting or polluting water resources and help drive the transition to a water-secure world.



of the world’s 100 largest river basins are extremely or highly water stressed and many more are expected to cross that threshold by 2050


greatest risk to society over the next decade is the water supply crisis


hit to companies due to water challenges in 2018.

SBTs will help companies and cities focus on how their activities affect water quality and quantity. Setting SBTs will help them understand which water basins are the highest priority. It will also define what an individual company’s role is in helping improve a particular water system. 

Since water resources are interconnected to all of nature, water targets will need to be set in coordination with other areas like land, climate and biodiversity.

Find out more about how your company can collaborate in advance of the release of the science-based targets methodology. This guide for companies shows how to include the local context and companies’ shared goals into decision-making.


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