Protect ocean health and harness the value of the ocean in a sustainable way

Our focus

A sustainable ocean economy has the potential to grow and provide for sustainable development. This requires businesses and cities to carefully measure and manage the pressures and risks they are putting on the ocean. Current pressures on the ocean’s health pose great risks to our economies, societies and  environment.


The ocean provides many resources like food, energy and transportation along with recreation and tourism plus ecosystem services like climate and weather regulation.



of Earth’s surface is covered by ocean, and is an increasingly critical source of both renewable and non-renewable resources

$2.5 trillion

in goods and services each year is generated by the ocean. It provides food, jobs and livelihoods to over three billion people.


of carbon dioxide emissions have been absorbed by the ocean

If the ocean is protected and its resources managed sustainably, it can bounce back and could become a source of even greater prosperity. Companies and cities have a key role to play in assessing, reducing and managing these pressures and risks. By addressing their impacts and dependencies on the ocean in their science-based targets for nature they can contribute to building resilience in ocean ecosystems and coastal communities, proportionately and holistically, ensuring the ocean’s health is regenerated.

There arguably exists no land-based activity that, at some stage, does not rely in some capacity on the services provided by the ocean. Many science-based targets for nature will need to incorporate company and city impacts and dependencies on the ocean.


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