For public review: draft corporate guidance

Resources for public consultation on technical guidance for companies

This resources page provides external stakeholders with the resources they need to provide feedback on SBTN’s draft technical guidance during the public consultation period (Sept 15 – Oct 14). For a summary of our public consultation, please visit our overview page

Review Guidance for Assess (Step 1) and Prioritize (Step 2)

Below is draft technical guidance for companies to assess their material issues across freshwater, land, biodiversity and ocean and estimate their value chain footprints (Step 1) and then interpret their data and prioritize where to get started (Step 2).

Review Guidance for Set Targets (Step 3) on Freshwater

Below is draft freshwater methods on quantity and quality (nutrients only) for companies to measure baselines, set targets and disclose.

Additional Reference Materials

Provide Feedback (Sept 15 – Oct 14)