Local Ecosystem Restoration for Nature-Positive Cities & Regions


6 December 2023


3:00 pm – 4:30 pm


In-person or online (details below)

Advancing the scope of science-based targets for nature to include cities, alongside companies, the Science Based Targets Network will unveil the details of a new program at this COP28 Presidency event. It will be showcased as one of the most important initiatives to help municipalities manage land and water, protect biodiversity, and bolster climate resilience.

This session will bring together mayors, decision-makers, and business leaders, shining a spotlight on the pivotal role that cities and regions play in championing nature-based solutions.

It aims to amplify the call to action for “Nature Positive Development”, and will showcase real-world projects and present tools designed to fortify cities against future challenges.

The event is organized by the COP28 Presidency, UN High-Level Climate Champions, ICLEI, the World Bank, UNEP and Global Commons Alliance.

  • Location: Meeting Room 6 (DEC South or B1 in COP28 maps), Expo City, Dubai, UAE
  • Livestream: Watch on UNEP website