What are SBTs?

Science Based Targets give companies and cities a clear pathway to competitiveness and resilience by using science to define their role in restoring…

Why set SBTs for nature?

Science-based targets are voluntary, measurable, and actionable. They enable companies and cities to understand and transform their impacts on nature and climate. Find out more about science-based targets for climate.

1. Assessing

What and where are your company or city’s biggest impacts and dependencies on nature?

2. Prioritizing

Where you need to focus and take more action?

3. Measuring

How much action do you need to take, in which locations, to ensure your company makes an equitable contribution?

4. Acting

Which targets does your company need to set? How can you first avoid impacts, then reduce impacts, restore and regenerate nature, and transform systems?

5. Tracking

How do you stay on track and up-to-date with changing science? How often should your company reassess its targets, indicators and reporting practices?