What are SBTs?

SBTs give companies and cities a clear pathway to competitiveness and resilience by using science to define their role in restoring nature

Why set SBTs for nature?

We define science-based targets (SBTs) as measurable, actionable, and time-bound objectives, based on the best available science, that allow actors to align with Earth’s limits and societal sustainability goals.

We see five distinct steps involved in the process of setting SBTs, these are 1) Assess, 2) Interpret & Prioritize, 3) Measure, Set & Disclose, 4) Act, 5) Track

1. Assess

What and where are your company or city’s biggest impacts and dependencies on nature?

2. Prioritize

Where you need to focus and take more action? Both in areas where you have direct control and more broadly across your whole “sphere of influence”

3. Measure

Collect baseline data for your priority targets and locations and set targets aligned with Earth’s limits and societal sustainability goals.

4. Act

Use SBTN’s Action Framework and act to avoid future impacts, reduce current impacts, regenerate and restore ecosystems, and transform systems.

5. Track

Finally, monitor progress toward targets and report publicly on this progress.