SBTN Engagement Opportunities

Please find open opportunities for direct engagement with SBTN below:

  1. REVIEW AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK on the following draft guidance and tools:
    1. The latest draft guidance for Set Targets (Step 3) on Land, out now for public consultation. The review period is open from February 14 – March 7. More information here.
    2. Sectoral Materiality Tool (SMT) and High Impact Commodity List (HICL) – provide feedback via this link by March 10.
  2. PROVIDE SUPPORT TO SBTN: If you are interested in providing a service in your area of expertise to SBTN’s team, please fill out this service offer form, open to NGO partners and CEP consultants. This form is intended to collect free assistance for key SBTN needs. This could include technical services, comms and marketing support, corporate engagement support, or any other kind of service that you think might support SBTN’s work.

Archive of past engagement opportunities

Please find resources about past engagement opportunities with SBTN linked below:

  1. Thank you to all who provided input during the internal consultation for the initial target-setting methods for land SBTs. If you were not able to provide feedback during this round, please note that you will be able to input during the upcoming public consultation for Land later this quarter.
  2. Thank you for participating in the public consultation of SBTN’s draft technical guidance for companies to assess and prioritize their impacts on nature, and enable them to progress to setting targets first on freshwater quantity and quality. We received over 3,000 unique insights from over 80 organizations. More details here.
  3. SBTN Office Hours:
    1. SBTN Office Hours Q&A
    2. March 2022 slides
    3. April 2022 slides