People and science-based targets

We are designing nature science-based targets to address the needs of both the environment and people. We do this by considering the following in our approaches


Companies and cities will need to look beyond short-term financial issues to set nature SBTs. They will need to act to protect the wellbeing of people who live in – and/or whose livelihoods depend upon – the land and seascapes in their value chains.

Safe and just

Nature science-based targets will align with the Earth Commission’s work to define a safe and just corridor for humanity. The targets will give companies and cities a pathway to understand their contribution to ensuring humanity enters that safe and just corridor and stays within it.


To determine how much action is needed companies and cities will track their using indicators in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Companies and cities will need to work with local stakeholders directly to determine what and how much they need to do to meet their nature science-based targets.