Become a Referral Program Participant

Companies are asking for personalized help to prepare to set science-based targets (SBTs) for nature. 

SBTN has created a Referral Program, which will allow companies to select a service provider that fits their needs to prepare to set science-based targets using SBTN guidance.

Are you interested in being referred to companies who are seeking support on setting SBTs for nature?  Follow the steps below to become a Referral Program participant:

How to become a Referral Program participant


Prerequisites to join Referral Program

If you are a consultancy/service provider organization, first sign up for the Corporate Engagement Program and follow all requirements for the program.

If you are an NGO, sign the SBTN Partners’ Agreement. You can obtain a copy of the partner agreement by emailing.

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Sign Terms of Use

After joining Corporate Engagement Program (for consultancies/service providers) or becoming a Partner (for NGOs), please sign and return the Referral Program Terms of Use to

Referral Program Terms of Use


Contact submission

Add any contacts from your organization that would like to be listed on the public referral list via the contact submission form. Please submit separate entries for each contact. Indicate areas of expertise. 

Contact submission form


Review SBTN guidance

Review the latest SBTN guidance, FAQs, and Train the Trainer materials. Agree to attend or review all future Train the Trainer sessions. In late 2024, Referral Program Participants will be required to pass comprehension tests associated with the Train the Trainer materials. We will share more information on these tests as timelines are clarified. 

Latest SBTN Guidance


Share updates on your work with companies

Provide company journey information for any companies with whom you are working on SBTs for nature using SBTN guidance. Email us with company journey updates on a quarterly basis. 

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