RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Research institutes of Sweden is independent, state-owned, and focused on sustainable growth through applied research and innovation. The Agriculture and Food section is targeting the whole food system – from primary production and processing, to environmental footprinting and consumer communication. Long-term experience in sustainability assessments, focused on agriculture and food. RISE biodiversity team has background in e.g. environmental science, agro-ecology and environmental engineering.

RISE has been a CEP member since 2020, and have thus continuously followed and contributed to the SBTN framework development.

We have put theory into practice in a SBTN pilot project (Step 1-2), in collaboration with one of Sweden’s largest ice cream companies.

A prerequisite for our work is our strong LCA-expertise, with a base in climate calculations which has expanded to biodiversity footprinting where RISE is taking lead in quantifying biodiversity on product level

To summarize the knowledge and experience of our organization, we have (1) a strong expertise in environmental footprinting and LCA on foods, (2) deep understanding of agricultural production systems (crop- and animal production), (3) applied knowledge in SBTN framework as well as (4) broad and applicable knowledge in ecology and biodiversity.