Nature Positive

Nature Positive is a specialist biodiversity consultancy which works with financial institutions, SME’s multinational corporates, and government organisations to:

  • prepare businesses for TNFD, CSRD, and CSDDD
  • implement Science-based Targets for Nature (SBTN), Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), and positive biodiversity impact metrics
  • understand business impacts and dependencies on nature
  • conduct environmental and social due diligence
  • identify nature-related risks and opportunities
  • develop nature-risk management and action plans, and strategies
  • conduct ecological research, surveys and baselines
  • implement nature restoration and recovery projects
  • deliver capacity building, training, and workshops

Nature Positive works with companies and investors to get ahead of the curve by managing their risks and opportunities arising from impacts and dependencies on nature. By understanding the links that every organisation has with nature, we can help leverage sustainability as a competitive edge and help organisations embed sustainability principles in everything they do.

We have extensive experience across working with diverse sectors including finance, forestry and agriculture, construction and materials, metals, mining, energy, water and utilities, diverse manufacturing, and consumer goods. We understand biodiversity and business in a way that enables our clients to integrate nature into their business strategy in a seamless, effective, and informed way.

As part of the RSK Group, Nature Positive brings in specialists with depth of experience in natural resource management, target setting and measurement, and stakeholder engagement on a truly worldwide scale.