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Leading the way: Initial learnings from SBTN’s target validation pilot


Pilot companies

“​We want our targets to be backed by science. We would recommend that organizations do SBTN because it gives credibility to the company. It is not a target that is set with your finger in the air – the methodology is robust, logical and prescriptive.”

– 2024 SBTN Pilot Company

In May 2023 a target validation pilot commenced with a group of forward-thinking companies. The pilot companies were required to prepare and submit freshwater and land targets for validation in alignment with the previous version (2023) of SBTN’s methods. The scope of the pilot validation included the following steps:

  • Step 1: Assess – an integrated assessment method to identify key issues and locations to focus on for target setting
  • Step 2: Interpret and Prioritize – a method for prioritization of target setting, using a mix of environmental, social, and financial considerations
  • Step 3: Measure, Set, Disclosure –  methods for setting land and freshwater targets, addressing some of the dominant drivers of biodiversity loss and climate change.

The pilot concluded in June 2024 and has been an enriching learning experience for everyone involved throughout the network.

We are deeply grateful to our piloting companies, supporting consultancies and NGO partners for their participation in the first year of setting corporate science-based targets for nature. 

The pilot summary report – available here – provides an overview of the pilot itself, initial learnings, key benefits and insights into best practices. 

Looking ahead, we look forward to sharing full outcomes and strategic insights beginning in September 2024, as well as highlighting piloting companies’ experiences.

Download the full pilot summary report