Target Submission Expression of Interest

In the second half of 2024, companies will be invited to submit science-based targets for nature for validation, following the release of SBTN Version 1 and/or 1.1 methods.*

SBTN would like to gain an understanding now of which companies are interested in submitting targets in order to inform the validation team composition and to screen companies for validation readiness.

Expression of Interest form

To that end, if your company is interested in submitting nature targets in 2024, please fill out this brief form.

Submitting this form in no way commits your company to submit targets. SBTN will treat any information submitted via the form confidentially and will not release the names of any organization that submits an expression of interest.

From May-July 2024, SBTN will screen submissions for prioritization for validation, using the criteria below. SBTN may contact submitting organizations with further questions and clarification. Companies will be notified on a rolling basis when they have been approved for target submission.

Please note that there will be a fee (TBD) associated with validation.

Please also note that given the limited applicability of current SBTN methods to Financial Institutions’ and Service Providers’ direct operations, SBTN will not accept applications from such organizations at this time.

Criteria for Target Submission Prerequisites for Target Submission:

  • Completed Steps 1 & 2 for direct operations and upstream
  • Have some subnational supply chain traceability to set upstream targets**
  • Have a human rights policy
  • Have C-Suite support
  • Have sufficient internal capacity and/or consulting support to apply the methods

Additional factors SBTN considers in prioritizing companies for target validation:

  • Has or is participating in an SBTN pilot
  • Has started working on Step 3 Freshwater OR Step 3 Land targets
  • Has material impacts requiring both Step 3 Land AND Freshwater targets 1 SBTN will accept targets based on V1 methods (published in May 2023) through December 30th 2024. 
*Companies may also use SBTN V1.1 methods which will be published in July 2024 (this includes Land V1).
**Estimating subnational meets this requirement, though the data must be refined as you progress.