Science Based Targets Network at COP15

The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework presents an immense and urgent opportunity for people and planet. This global deal for nature, nature’s equivalent to the Paris climate agreement, will be finalized at the United Nations Biodiversity COP in Montreal in December.

Science-based targets for nature can be a catalyst for transformative business action in support of an ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework and we will be hosting and participating in various events.

Science Basis for a Nature and People Positive World

12/09/2022 – 16:30 – Nature Positive Pavilion, Blue Zone

Dr. Varsha Vijay, SBTN’s technical director will be participating in a session hosted by the Earth Commission, which will outline the Commissions’ forthcoming research that will directly inform science-based targets for nature and explain how safe and just Earth system boundaries can turn the tide on biodiversity decline and simultaneously elevate justice outcomes for people.

Business and finance needs for mandatory requirements to assess and disclosure impacts and dependencies on nature

12/10/2022 – 18:15 – Contact Group 6, 516DE

Erin Billman, Executive Director of SBTN, will be participating in this official side event which explores how the business and finance community can work with governments to implement an ambitious Target 15 successfully.

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SBTN Happy Hour

12/10/2022 – 18:00 – Nature Positive Pavilion, Blue Zone

An opportunity for an informal meet and greet with the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) team.

Biodiversity Impact & Dependency assessment in the Finance sector – The time to act is now

12/10/2022 – 11:30 – Online

Today, forward-looking financial institutions are actively exploring how to measure the biodiversity impact and dependencies of their portfolios and, in this way, are increasingly aware of the material impact of biodiversity loss, and how they can potentially have a positive impact. Elizabeth Aceituno, Finance Sector Engagement Lead at SBTN will participate in this side event which brings together a selection of related initiatives including the TNFD, SBTN, PBAF, FfB Foundation and UNEP-FI, who will highlight how they strengthen and complement each other and to explore opportunities for further synergies in their support of impact and dependency assessment and disclosure in the financial sector.

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Transformative actions on all drivers of biodiversity loss are urgently required to achieve the global goals by 2050

12/11/2022 – 11:30 – Venue TBC

Dr. Varsha Vijay, Technical Director of SBTN will participate in this event hosted by the International Science Council, bioDISCOVERY and GEOBON. This session will build on recent contributions from the scientific community to support a more robust understanding of people as part of nature and the importance of an integrated approach to transformation change that are needed to address the multiple drivers responsible for the decline of biodiversity and ecosystems

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Uniting action on biodiversity and climate

12/12/2022 – 16:00 – Nature Positive Pavilion, Blue Zone

Dr. Varsha Vijay, Technical Director of SBTN will participate in a panel discussion, hosted by WWF and Orsted, on the health of ocean ecosystems and the opportunity to ensure the unprecedented expansion in offshore renewable energy development is a force for good on climate and biodiversity.

Accelerating Accountability for Nature: Taking Action

12/12/2022 – 17:30 – Offsite

This is an official launch event for the Accountability Accelerator and will feature several of Accountability Accelerator’s grantees, partners, and ambitious companies exploring levers for corporate accountability for nature.

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SBTN and TNFD: Complementary approaches

12/13/2022 – 11:30 – Hotel Humaniti, Montreal

SBTN and Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosure’s (TNFD) Technical Directors will explain how both frameworks align, in their principles and in their applications, including data.

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Science-based targets for nature: Enabling corporate action

12/13/2022 – 14:00 – Nature Positive Pavilion, Blue Zone

Science-based targets (SBTs) for nature will be a critical lever for companies to take action in support of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. Hosted by SBTN, leading companies preparing to set SBTs for nature will provide their perspective on the business case for action as well as practical insights into target setting and how to take action today.

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Approaches for tracking, measurement, target setting and disclosures as a means of mainstreaming biodiversity within the organisation

12/14/2022 – 14:30 – Palais des congrès de Montréal, Blue Zone

Part of the official CBD agenda for Finance and Biodiversity Day, Dr. Varsha Vijay, Technical Director of SBTN will discuss how science-based targets for nature can be useful for the financial sector, both in evaluating sustainable investments and in addressing nature-related risks.

Accelerating Accountability for Nature: The Finance Sector

12/14/2022 – 16:30 – Nature Positive Pavilion, Blue Zone

This session will explore how to ensure a paradigm shift across mainstream finance so that it acts to restore nature rather than destroy it, and discuss what type of accountability architecture we need to ensure this happens.

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Assessing and Addressing Nature-related Risks in Corporate Supply Chains

12/14/2022 – 15:00 – Palais des congrès de Montréal, Blue Zone

Jess McGlynn, Corporate Engagement Lead for SBTN will participate in a panel discussion, hosted by The Nature Conservancy, that will share practical ways that companies can prioritize nature-related risks and opportunities in supply chains, determine the nature-positive actions and practices most likely to be successful, and identify the best metrics to measure outcomes.