Alluvium Group

The Alluvium Group was founded in 2006, to deliver specialized outcomes for our clients in Australia, south-east Asia, South Asia and the Pacific. Comprised of over 150 ecologists, hydrologists, economists, urban planners, strategists and analysts, the Alluvium Group’s interdisciplinary talent pool utilize their skills to help companies address and navigate challenges.

The Alluvium Group’s deep technical knowledge allows it to provide pragmatic solutions to complex issues faced by companies operating across several sectors. The Alluvium Group thereby enables companies to manage emerging risks and seize opportunities, while ensuring that the health and productivity of our natural resources and environment is maintained.

The Alluvium Group has a vast expertise in freshwater, based on extensive work in hydrological modelling and water resource management across a majority of the river basins in the geographies we operate in. Therefore, we are uniquely placed to help companies in their freshwater target-setting.

Additionally, the Alluvium Group incorporates ecological thinking & expertise, GIS tools & data and socio-economic approaches & models into project delivery. Helmed by highly qualified professionals with post-graduate and doctorate degrees, the team possesses strong quantitative, data-visualization and problem-solving skills. These capabilities enable the Alluvium Group to guide companies in taking informed decisions based on the best available science and data.