Become a Referral Program Participant

Companies are asking for personalized help to prepare to set science-based targets (SBTs) for nature. 

SBTN has created a Referral Program, which will allow companies to select a service provider that fits their needs to prepare to set science-based targets using SBTN guidance.

Are you interested in being referred to companies who are seeking support on setting SBTs for nature?  Follow the steps below to become a Referral Program participant:

How to become a Referral Program participant


If you are a service provider organization, sign up for the Corporate Engagement Program and follow all requirements for the program. If you are an NGO, sign the SBTN Partners’ Agreement. You can obtain a copy of the partner agreement by emailing.

Email us


Sign and return the Referral Program Terms of Use to

Overview and Terms of Use


Indicate any contacts from your organization that would like to be included in the public referral list.

Contact submission form


Review the latest SBTN guidance, FAQs, and Corporate Engagement Program meeting recordings. Agree to attend or review all future Corporate Engagement Program sessions.

Latest SBTN Guidance


Report the names of the companies you are working with on SBTs for nature, and on which step(s) of the guidance the company is working.