Earth systems

Companies and cities must set science-based targets for nature and climate to protect the global commons we all share. Here’s why:

We are translating the science that defines the limits of nature, alongside climate, into actionable targets for cities and companies.


Since the nature and climate crises are deeply intertwined, we must tackle both simultaneously. By setting science-based targets for climate and nature, companies and cities can generate multiple benefits. These include mitigating climate change through increasing carbon sequestration as well as helping stabilizing nature which is the source of the food, fiber and fuel human activities depend on.  


We are working to design a method for setting targets that can allow companies and cities to amplify their positive impact.


Our aim is to enable target setters to help halt further species loss and mitigate emissions, to ensure quality water sources for future generations and increase agricultural productivity. This will be of benefit both to them and to the stakeholders in the land and seascapes where they operate.


Nature is complex, but here are some of the areas that need to be considered when taking action to address the loss of nature and limit climate change: