Article 13

Article 13, a leading sustainability consultancy with a 25-year legacy, pioneers impactful practices rooted in mission-driven strategies.

Specialising in impact-driven sustainability, they merge critical science and numerical precision, applying Planetary Boundaries and Social Thresholds to transform theory into practical innovation.

Committed to contextual measurement, Article 13 ensures corporate targets align with global impact responsibility. They work with corporate clients using an innovative approach, developing climate and nature conservation strategies aligned with global needs. As a member of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures and participant in the SBTN Corporate Engagement Program, Article 13 actively contributes to shaping sustainability methodologies.

With a highly skilled team, diverse qualifications, and multidisciplinary expertise, they embed social, environmental, ethical, and sustainability risks into business strategies, fostering trusted innovation. Article 13 champions system transformation thinking and motivates behavioural change for a more sustainable society.

Proficient in identifying weak signals and emerging risks, they collaborate with corporates on biodiversity roadmaps, targets, plans, and implementation, engaging stakeholders and communities.

Their extensive background in life cycle assessments and carbon inventories extends to addressing social impacts, challenging valuation, and setting targets for environmental and social impacts. Article 13 stands as a beacon for strategic sustainability, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation within planetary and societal needs.